Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Week's Share-Sweet and Spicy Greens and more Edamame Beans

This week's share includes a new sweet and spicy salad mix that can deliver a fair punch.  The spicy mustards and arugula within the mix are definitely capable of clearing your sinuses.  Despite the wasabi type bite, these greens serve as a nice compliment to sweet dressings, fruit like apples and asian pears, or as a bed for steak or salmon.  Click here for a Mustard Green version of a caesar salad from Bon Appetit.  Along with the sweet and spicy mix this week's share includes:

Winter Squash including baby pumpkin, spaghetti, and kabocha
Cooking Greens
Sweet and Spicy Greens
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Green Tomatoes
Edamame Beans
Parsley, Basil, Mint and Dandelion Greens

Margaret Gilmour of Fresh Basil blog recommended this great simple recipe for ginger Kabocha Squash.  Fresh Basil recently featured an article all about purple vegetables with beautiful pictures of produce from your share taken by fellow CSA member Carlos Alejandro.  Purple potatoes are once again an option in this week's share--although this variety is called blue gold and has delicious gold flesh. Enjoy the color. Enjoy your share.

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Margaret said...

The blue gold potatoes are AMAZING! Such texture and flavor. Whipped them up and topped them with sauteed peppers and onion. Just delicious!!