Monday, July 20, 2009

This Week's Share-Purple Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes

Yes that's right, your share will include cosmic purple carrots--a beautiful addition to any veggie platter. This week's share will also include fingerling potatoes for the first time this year. For more info on the flavorful fingerling click here. You can choose either russian banana or rose finn apple, or if you are looking for a larger "regular" potato purple majesty and dark red norland will also be available. You could go all purple this week--with the carrots, purple peppers, dragon's tongue wax beans, and purple majesty potatoes.

With cooler weather once again, this week's share also lends itself to a delicious meal of roast chicken, potatoes, green beans, and a green or cucumber salad--what could be better than a totally farm fresh meal. Enjoy!

This Week's Share includes:
Beans--dragon's tongue wax beans, roma, provider green, and haricot vert
Little bit of lettuce mix
Potatoes--fingerlings (rose finn apple and russian banana)or new (purple majesty or dark red norland)
Summer Squash
Sweet Green Peppers (purple, white, and green--all in green phase)
Cucumbers-Asian, Indian, Lemon, and Green Slicing

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