Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bean and Cucumber Primer

I realize that not all of you are familar with the varieties of beans and cucumbers that I grow.

Slicing--the fatter green smooth skinned cucumber

Suyo Long-Asian Cucumber--long skinny and a bit "thorny"--these have nice crisp texture, much like english cucumber--they go limp if not refrigerated.

Lemon Cucumber-Round yellow cucumber, very sweet never bitter

Poona Kheera Indian Cucumber--sweet and bitter free with an almost melon-like texture. The plants start out white and mature to a russet brown color.

Not pictured I also grow miniature white and northern pickling cucumbers.

One warning with cucumbers, every once and a while you will get a really bitter one--bitterness usually starts where the cucumber is attached to the vine--if this ever happens, just let me know and I will give you an extra next pick up.

Dragon's Tongue Wax beans--pale yellow-white and purple. Unfortunately the purple disappears when they are cooked. Crisp and refreshing these beans are great raw. They do not however store or freeze well, best eaten quickly after harvest.

Provider Green Bean-round, delicious almost floral tasting great all purpose green bean.

Roma Italian Bean-flat, tender with nice flavor. These beans are delicious cooked with butter and/or olive oil. These beans also freeze very well.

Not pictured the tender crisp tiny haricot vert. Best barely cooked. These do not store or freeze as well as the provider or roma bean.

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