Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrate the 3rd of July at the Market

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have today off, if so I suggest strolling on over to the Kennett Farmers Market today from 2-6PM to get everything you need for a perfect 4th of July weekend. The market will be packed with first Friday vendors along with the regulars (myself included). See below for a complete listing of market vendors.

Big Sky Bread Co.
Location: Wilmington, DE
Products: Artisan Breads and Pastries
At Big Sky, they make bread the old-fashioned way. The way it used to be made. The way it’s supposed to be made. They use only the very best, all natural ingredients and never cut any corners. Everything’s just pure and simple. The most important ingredient in good bread is the flour. They stone grind the whole wheat flour in the bakery every morning from rich, organically grown, Montana wheat. Big Sky hopes you enjoy their baked goods as much as they enjoy baking them for you.

Castelli Plants
Location: Nottingham, PA
Products: Potted Plants
Nick Castelli starts all the plants he brings to market in his own greenhouse, to assure quality and consistency. He offers a wide variety of succulents, native plants, flowers, and grasses. Nick is a valuable asset to the Kennett Square market, and is always willing to share growing tips and ideas with inquiring minds.

Country Meadows Farm
Location: Quarryville, PA
Products: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, BBQ and Eggs
At Country Meadows Farm, the Lapp families work tirelessly to bring our community farm fresh meats without the use of antibiotics or hormone supplements. All of the animals have daily access to fresh grass, sunlight and ethical care. The broilers are a Cornish cross breed; the laying hens are both Rhode Island Red and Black Sexlink breeds; the beef comes from Black Angus cattle; and the lamb comes from the Katahdin sheep breed. All animals are butchered at the Lapp’s family butcher shop.

Countryside Bakery
Location:Nottingham, PA
Products:Baked Goods, Canned Goods, Cheese, and Berries
Countryside Bakery brings you the very best in baked goods from their own bakery. In addition to providing a wide variety of breads and delicious pies they also grow a mouth watering variety of berries. Countryside Bakery uses little to no chemical products on their farmed produce. Samuel also enjoys constructing homes for birds from dried gourds.

Shady Grove Greenhouses
Location: Nottingham, PA
Products: Hanging plants and potted ornamentals
Shady Grove Greenhouses comes to you with a variety of locally grown potted plants and flowers for you to choose from! Come see what will look best in your home and garden.

Elkdale Farm
Location:Lincoln University, PA
Products:Produce, Berries, Eggs, and Herbs
Elkdale Farm provides a wide array of produce for your buying needs. They also have a large selection of fresh herbs that can add wonderful flavor to your meals for you and your family.

Ellen April Soaps
Location:Downingtown, PA
Products:Handcrafted Soaps and Self Care Products
Ellen began crafting her soaps and self care products as a hobby, right out of her own kitchen! How fitting that you will only find her products at farmers’ markets– a deliberate move on her part, in order to maintain the intimacy with her customers that only a farmers market can allow. Over the years, she has been perfecting her craft, and now has her own workshop, to enable her to bring to market such unique products as the ever soothing Northwoods soap, or the invigorating and refreshing Lavender Mint soap. Ellen fills the market space with aromatic splendor, to awaken the senses and brighten your day. Ellen is continuously adding to her display, and even carries something for your pets to enjoy!

Highland Farm Sheep Dairy
Location:Coatesville, PA
Products:Sheep Dairy Products, Fresh and Aged
Martha does it all, and still manages to grace us with her glowing presence each and every week at market! Martha is a pioneer cheese maker and dairy farmer, specializing in artisan sheep’s milk products, fresh to aged. Come check out what Martha has to offer this week, from her fresh Brebis with Herbes de Provence (fabulous as the final ingredient on a frittata, or spread onto a fresh baguette), heavenly feta (dynamite with watermelon and mint in a salad), classic Spanish-style Manchego, to her aged-to-perfection Romano (deliciously granular) and simply divine, peasant style Tomme. Martha always has abundant samples to share, so get ready to let these lactic wonders dance on your tongue, and send you off with something new each week!

Inverbrook Farm
Location:West Grove, PA
Products:Specialty Vegetables
Inverbrook Farm is a sustainable family farm with a commitment to environmental stewardship, strengthening the community, and an enjoyable livelihood. Their goal is to produce delicious healthy food in a humane and ecologically sustainable manner. Although Inverbrook Farm is not certified organic, they grow our vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. For more information about the farm see

Jack’s Gourmet Jellies and Jams
Location:Landenberg, PA
Products:Homemade Jellies and Jams
Jack bottles a bit of his unique nature into each jar he brings to market, and is always eager to have you try something new. From his Champagne Strawberry Preserves, to his “Fire in the Hole” jalapeno jelly, Jack comes to market each week with a growing variety of preserves and jellies. Our favorite is the all fruit apricot preserve, packed with 100% fruit, and no added processed sugar. Let it speak for itself!

Location: Carlisle, PA
Products: Cut flowers, twig wreaths, dried flowers, berries
Roots is a cut flower farm located in Carlisle, PA. They offer sustainably grown fresh cut flowers from June – October. Other products include twig wreaths, dried flowers, and evergreen Christmas wreaths. Flowers are retailed at the Kennett Square Farmers market and the Carlisle Farmers Market and wholesaled to local florists and supermarkets. Roots was started in 2007 when Michelle Elston moved to Carlisle to be near family. Previously, Michelle was growing flowers and operating a garden center in Amherst, MA. Michelle’s husband, Mike, and kids, Lucy and Jake, also help out when they are not landscaping or having snacks.

Location: Chadds Ford, PA
Products: Small Scale Non-Certified Organic Vegetables

God's Country Creamery
Location: Ulysses, PA
Products: Raw Cow's Milk Cheese

K-9 Kraving
Location: Baltimore, MD
Products: Sustainable meat dog treats, such as Bison and Beef Bones, Sweet Potatoes, Liver Logs, Cheese Logs, Wolverines, Turkey, Duck and Buffalo Breasts, Beef tendons, Beef Trachea, Bully Stick, Steer Sticks, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Gizzards, and much more!

Guinea Hen Gardens
Location: West Grove, PA
Products: Fresh and dried herbs
Guinea Hen Gardens is a small family farm that is bursting out onto the Farmers’ Market scene with enthusiasm and ingenuity. They will be offering fresh and dried herbs to delight and accompany your fresh, local fare, as well as sharing new recipes to highlight specific herbs.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
Location: Kennett Square, PA
Products: Breads and Pastries

Special First Friday Vendors:

Betty’s Tasty Buttons Location: Philadelphia,PA Products: Artisan fudge and confections from recipes handed down from generations, featuring local and fair trade ingredients.
“Betty’s Tasty Buttons originated from my grandmother Betty’s creamy fudge recipe. Summers at Harvey’s Lake were spent in part in Betty’s kitchen and the other part in her garden. Watching the pot of hot fresh fudge pour out onto the tray was impossibly exciting. The minutes were more like hours as we had to wait for the fudge to cool. The garden was the best way to distract us. Honeysuckles, roses and herbs grew in her gardens outside. By the evening the fudge had cooled and we were ready to devour it. Betty cut it into small pieces so we could store some of it in tins, but really it was just a way for all of us to pace ourselves. Over the years my grandmother gave many tins of the fudge to coworkers and friends. To this day people ask about her fudge. My memories are of how my grandmother Betty was always as excited as I was to dig into that sweet fudge. We hope to give you memories as lovely.”

Butterfly Hill Alpaca Farm Location: Lincoln University,PA Products: Alpaca yarn, fiber, felted soaps, purses and knitted and woven products, such as scarves and shawls.
Butterfly Hill is a small family operation, committed to a sustainable and humane lifestyle for their alpacas, who in turn provide the fibers for all their beautiful crafts.

Fat Spike Lavender Location: Kennett Square, PA
Products: Handcrafted lavender products, in the way of sachets, spa pillows, eye pillows, spa wraps, dog bed inserts and massage gloves.

Happy Cat Organic
Location: Centreville, DE
Products: Heirloom Vegetables, Seeds and Vegetable Plant Starts
Tim and Amy specialize in unique, heirloom varieties of vegetables, in seed and plant start form, that arrive to you directly from their Pennsylvania German and Norwegian heritage, with a splash of ingenuity. Check out “Tim’s Black Ruffles,” one of their tasty heirloom creations.
Sunny Girl Farm Vegetables
Location: Kennett Square, PA
Products: Vegetables and cut flowers
Sunny Girl Farm is a 14 acre pesticide free, naturally grown vegetable farm located in Kennett Square, PA. They grow farm fresh produce and help to provide simple, fresh ingredients for local restaurant chefs, farmer’s markets and healthy minded individuals and families. Some items they grow are arugula and other varieties, beans, tomatoes, beets, peppers, pumpkins and more!

Special Guest Vendor:
Amazing Acres Goat Dairy
Location: Elverson, PA
Products: Variety of Flavored Fresh Chevre

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