Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Week's Share-Sunchokes, Sweet Potatoes and more Radishes

Its been almost a month since I posted on the blog.  The end of September and beginning of October are always filled with fun events, good weather and the need to prepare the garden for the first frost/freeze that will kill off the summer vegetables and officially usher in the final weeks of the CSA. It is a time of year I have come to love. The ability to enjoy being outside while realizing that winter rest is soon to come, gives many farmers an amazing sense of peace (and sometimes a little sadness as the season winds down).   The lessening work load enables one to savor the turning leaves, the relatively mild weather, and the all around beautiful of Chester County fall landscape.  So basically that is my excuse for not sitting in front of the computer more often and offering up recipe ideas and uses for your share vegetables;)  
Last Friday's serious frost/freeze put a very abrupt end to any sensitive vegetables, flowers and herbs; thus making that final transition to the last of the CSA season vegetables.  Your share will now be made up of only the hardier greens and roots or items that store well.  With just two more weeks of the season left, the shorter days and cold frosty mornings will give me plenty of time in the office in front of my computer screen--and I will once again be inundating you with musings and rambles.  Until then I have a few recipe ideas for this week's share.

This week's share includes:
The last of the Peppers
The last of the Green Tomatoes
Sweet Potatoes
The last of the Winter Squash

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