Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 Inverbrook Holiday Sale

We are so pleased to be once again hosting the Inverbrook Farm Holiday Sale.  It really is an honor to present such a diverse group of talented local artisians; offering up the antidote to generic holiday gift giving.  I could spend a full blog post on each one of the participants; explaining their connection to the farm, community, their committment to sustainability, etc...instead I encourage you to click through the links below and explore their unique products and meaningful business models on your own.
There are three participants I would like to highlight, because they will provide a level of engagement beyond just buying products. The first is the Head and the Hand Press, the brain child of writer and urban farm activist Nic Esposito.  Through a recent kickstarter campaign, Nic and one of his partners Kerry Boland, have opened a Philadelphia based workshop space for writers interested in self publishing.  They are currently taking writing submissions for their newest project--the Rust Belt Rising Almanac.  If you are an aspiring writer or just want to talk about the creative community in Philadelphia, come on out to chat with Nic and Kerry.

The next participant I want to highlight is Dustin Eirdosh.  Once a member of our extented farm family through his work at Buck Run Farm, Dustin has returned to the area for the holidays.  In a rambling but romantic story--Dustin, while studying meat policy issues at a German university, fell in love with a German student, followed her to Madagascar and they are now engaged!  Dustin has recently set up the non-profit called Edu-Futures Madagascar-bringing computers and an integrated science, appropriate technology and enterprise curriculum to the school students of Madagascar.  Dustin will be selling spices and crafts from this beautiful and exotic country to raise money for his new non-profit. 

The last vendor I would like to feature is an Inverbrook Farm CSA member, Tobi Quinlin.  This summer Tobi set up a resource rich website Logical Living, intended to make an eco-friendly lifestyle all the more simple depending on your particular habits.  Tobi will be on hand to answer questions about how you can reduce your carbon footprint, promote the website and sell some useful ecologically minded stocking stuffers.

I hope these three short descriptions have peaked your interest and you will make it out to the farm for the sale (it is located in the big stone house at the end of the paved driveway, right before the horse barn).  Come pick up some amazing locally grown and handmade gifts for everyone on your list. Featuring one-of-a-kind stuffed animals, cheerful aprons and bags, locally published books, artisan jewelry, hand-carved folk art, handmade wrapping paper and note cards, moisturizing lip balms, beautifully-curated vintage housewares, and eco-friendly stocking stuffer essentials. And don't forget your favorite foodies... local honey, dried herbs and rubs, and seasonal sweet and savory pies. Stop by the farm this Saturday, 1-6 p.m.!

Ring in the holidays and shop for exceptional locally grown and handmade gifts this season!
* Heirloom Jewlery and Accessories (also featuring the folk carvings of Gordon Swenarton)

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