Thursday, September 2, 2010

This week's share-Fresh Shelling Beans and Winter Squash

Hi Folks. I have not posted in a while and I blame it on wonderful Nikki and her wonderful recipes. Every week she has sent along these great recipes and photos that I have consequently gotten a little lazy about my own recipe postings. This week however I thought you might need some ideas for the fresh shelling beans and the winter squash.

First here is a link to a basic instructions for cooking the fresh shelling beans from eHOW

Two great recipe links:
Fresh Shell Bean Gratin that will probably use two weeks worth of beans.

Fresh Shelling Bean Soup and with Pistou

If you want to do your own recipe search, look up horticultural beans and for those who picked up the little flagrano beans they are also known as flageolet. Happy searching.

Now for the winter squash--you had a choice of carnival or an acorn squash. I found this informative link with basic squash info and recipe links, I hope this is helpful. In the next couple of weeks I will also have the kabocha and the ambercup as possible choices. Happy cooking, despite the heat.

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