Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Moon Spring Greens

The beautiful full moon tonight, the "winter moon" seems a most fitting start for December and reminded me of one of my favorite readings last winter--the "cookbook" Full Moon Feast. A great read with lots of food history and a few recipes linked to the full moon cycle, the book is full of interesting cultural and nutritional connections--I definitely recommend it.

With today's cold crisp frosty morning, it seems all the more probable that winter is around the corner. Luckily for the greens still hanging on in the garden, the bright sunshine quickly melted away the frost, giving way to a sweet tenderness rivalled only in the early spring. Because this could be the last week the tender greens continue to survive, I will make greens available for purchase in the distribution shed for the remainder of the week--December 4-6th. You are welcome to come anytime from dawn to dusk to purchase greens (arugula, asian/braising mix, lettuce, as well as radishes and turnips). We also suddenly have a bunch of eggs. Our newest batch of hens have just started laying. The eggs are smaller, so we are running an egg "sale"--- $4 a dozen or 2 dozen for $7.00. What a perfect way to take a break from the indulgences of the holidays -- lighter meals of eggs and greens. Click here for a shirred egg recipe and click here for a Fresh Salmon Croque recipe, although I would substitute the swiss chard with the asian greens/braising mix. The mustards in the asian greens/braising mix pair very well with salmon. Enjoy a little taste of spring this first week of December.

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