Monday, July 2, 2012

This Week's Share-New Potatoes

Photo by Kelly G

Just in time for the 4th of July holiday this week's share will include tender new potatoes--perfect for potato salads.  Two varieties will be made available this week.  Dark Red Norland (pictured about)--with creamy white flesh and Red Gold-with waxy buttery flesh.  Both types are delicious. 

Because it has been so hot, I thought you might appreciate this link on how to cook potatoes on the grill from the good folks at Fine Cooking Magazine--a way to keep your kitchen cool by cooking outside.  One of my favorite types of potato salad is German Potato Salad.  I went to the wonderful Station Tap Room this weekend and had their variation which included blue cheese, bacon and some sort of fantastic smokey flavor.  Here is a link to Fine Cooking's version of German Potato Salad, the red golds would be perfect for this recipe.

There are a few other new items in this week's share included peppers and cucumbers.  The cucumber come with a huge warning.  The dark green Diva cukes can be extremely bitter near the end that was attached to the vine.  My advice would be to cut a few inches of the end and peel them.  Then taste for bitterness.  I apologize, unfortunately cucumbers can turn bitter when they are stressed.  With this heat (especially since they are from the greenhouse), they have been stressed.  The pointed end however, can be quite tasty. 

Also available this week, Dr. Elkins Angus Burger (for those who ordered it only) and Highland Farm Sheep Dairy products (yogurt, brebis and new this year for me--camembert and an herbed camembert called Brin D'Amour).   These products will be in the freezer and refrigerator respectively.

This Week's Share:
Potatoes-Red Gold and Dark Red Norland
Zephyr Squash
Patti Pan Squash
Sweet Green Peppers

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