Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Week's Share-Bitter Greens, Fresh Garlic and Baby Carrots

This week's share includes:

Snap Peas
Leaf Lettuce (starting to have a bit of a bite)
Baby Carrots
Bulb Fennel
Italian Dandelion
Frisee Endive
Fresh Garlic

Bitter greens like the Italian Dandelion and the Frisee in this week's share might be something new to you. Their "bite" can be tempered with a little heat from either braising or a warm salad dressing; and consequently are a great base to a "wilted" salad. Their strong taste pairs well with nuts, dried fruit, and flavorful cheese like blue, a sharp chevre, and parmigiano. Their cleansing bitterness is also well suited to bacon. One of my favorite salads is frisee, blue cheese and bacon.

Speaking of strong and pungent, the share this week also includes fresh garlic. This garlic has just been dug from the ground and has not yet been cured. Curing mellows the flavor of garlic, so this garlic is HOT. It also still contains a bit of water, so it lends itself to roasting, which will mellow the heat and become extra creamy because of the moisture still in the cloves. Click here for some roasted garlic recipes (I like this link for its vampire references, for all you True Blood fans out there).

This week's share is not all bite, on the sweeter (but very flavorful) side are the last of the snap peas, the baby carrots and also the last of the fennel until the fall. Enjoy the share and let me know if you have discovered any new recipes for the items mentioned above.

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