Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice--the Longest Day of the Year

Happy Solstice. I am going to blame my limited blogging on the season; the long days leave few hours for sleep, let along spending much time in front of the computer. So I apologize for not updating on a regular basis with the various week's share contents. Now that the days are getting shorter, this all should change. Plus I hope CSA members are now receiving e-newsletters created by the very talented Kelly G. Her amazing photographs and recipe links are what will make up the bulk of the newsletter content.

So here we go, the first of many "This Week's Share"
-Leaf Lettuce Mix


-Snow and Snap Peas


-Baby Bulb Fennel

-Baby Beets
that are as much about the delicious greens as the small beet root

-Cooking Greens (your choice between Kale, Chard, and the spinach/chard hybrid-like perpetual spinach)

Below are some recipe and cooking links that might be useful in preparing this week's share vegetables. Enjoy the share, enjoy the summer

How to grill baby bulb fennel from a great Canadian cooking blog

A Fennel Risotto with Goat Cheese-one could replace the goat cheese with Highland Farm brebis available for purchase at Inverbrook

Mollie Katzen's great Beet and Fennel Salad

A Mint and Snap Pea recipe from Whole Living Magazine

A Greek recipe for Beet Greens (or chard) that calls for Greek yogurt, once again you could replace it with Highland Farm yogurt.

And finally Culinate's primer on the strange looking, but delicious kohlrabi

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