Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wine and Cheese at Inverbrook Farm CSA

If you are an Inverbrook Farm CSA member, I want to let you know about two new unique opportunities for specialty products (wine and cheese) that will be available at the farm this coming season. Paradocx Vineyard and Hillacres Farm are both offering CSA (wine and cheese) options with drop off locations at Inverbrook. So, while you are picking up your vegetables, you now have the chance to add wine and cheese to the items you can bring home with you--we are doing our best to make the farm a one stop local "shopping" experience. Like the other two CSA options availabe through Inverbrook (the sold out North Star Fruit Share and 3 Birds Bouquets ), all your transactions will be with either Paradocx or Hillacres--we simple serve as a distribution point. For more information about the two options please read the paragraphs below.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you would like to sample the products before signing up for the various CSA options, Paradocx has a tasting room at the Shoppes at Longwood Village and Hillacres Cheese can be found at Harvest Market, Pete's Produce, and Northbrook Market Place.

Paradocx Vineyard Farm CSA - Pickup @ Partnering CSAs
Paradocx Vineyard is proud to be a part of our local community in Southern Chester County, PA and we look forward to providing you with the "Paradocx experience" as you enroll to become a member of our Farm CSA!

As a 100-acre farm which serves as home to over 30 acres of grape vines and a state of the art wine making facility, we are committed to making farming in the Philadelphia countryside sustainable. We have made significant efforts towards creating a reputable local agricultural product and in doing so have contributed to the preservation of local agriculture heritage in Pennsylvania. In our effort to create and sustain an enduring relationship between community members and Paradocx Vineyard, we are now in our second successful year of our very own CSA initiative -- which stands for "Community Supported Agriculture."

Here's How it Works
A Farm CSA is a system in which community members purchase a farm "share" at the beginning of a growing season, when the farmer needs start-up capital for equipment, seeds, etc. In return, the member receives an annual supply (6 bottles or 3-3.5 liters cans) of estate made Paradocx wine to be picked up three times: June, July and August at Partnering CSA's. The cost for Paradocx Vineyard Farm CSA wine share $99.00 for your choice of a white share or red share.

Click here for a full description of the Paradocx Vineyard Farm CSA program and a link to the CSA application form.

Hillacres Farm Cheese CSA

Hillsacre Pride farmstead and artisan cheeses are made by hand using the farm fresh milk from our Registered Jersey cows. The cows are pastured on the lush green pastures of Lancaster County from April to October, and over the winter months they eat hay and silage that is harvested from the farm over the summer. We do not treat our animals with Bovine Growth hormone, or use therapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones.

The Cheese CSA consists of 11 deliveries of 2 cheeses each. Cheeses will include the following:

Cheddar (7 variities)
Hot Pepperjack
Fresh Mozzarella
Homestyle Ricotta
Cream Cheese
Fulton’s Clermont
They are also developing new artisan cheeses that you will be lucky enough to enjoy!

CSA Price $115.00

To sign-up email mandy@hillacrespride.com or call 717-548-9031.

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