Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Congratulations Happy Cat Organics!

This Thursday we will be celebrating the launch of the Happy Cat webstore at the Chester County Green Drink gathering 7-9PM at Victory Brewing Company. The day before earth day seems like a fitting time to raise a glass to the hard work of the husband and wife team of Tim and Amy Bloom Mountz and their amazing resource for heirloom seeds and growing /foraging tools. Of course I have a special affinity for anyone who includes Wendell Berry quotes on their “philosophy” page:

In 1993 my Grandfather, David Haas was killed in a car accident. He had lived his entire life on the rich soils of Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. People said he didn’t have a green thumb, but a green arm.
With his passing my Grandmother gave me a jar of his beans, these turned out to have great historical and cultural importance.
A passion was born.
Our passion became our craft and our lifestyle is our dedication to that craft. Happy Cat Farm exists to teach people how to grow and forage their own food sustainably.
We touch seeds everyday in our practice of seed to table farming. They teach us patience and bring ritual to our lives, things that modern life is so void of.
“We stand for what we stand on”
-Wendell Berry

You can read more about Happy Cat below:
Grid Magazine Profile

Growing Magazine Profile

Tim’s Black Ruffles tomato is a particular favorite and got a nice shout out on the Go Indie farming blog as their top tomato in the test garden.

You can RSVP to the Happy Cat Web Launch/Green Drinks gathering on facebook.

Cheers to Happy Cat, cheers to a productive growing season.

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