Monday, October 4, 2010

This Week's Share--Roots and Rain

This week's share will feature a whole lot of roots (and tubers) including sweet potatoes, potatoes, salad/asian turnips, daikon radish, and beets. The share will also include greens--arugula and asian, green beans, and peppers. Unfortunately all the recent rain has put an end to the tomatoes. I will however be giving out the green tomatoes for those who like to fry them up or click here for a recent Food in Jars pickled green tomato recipe.

The large long white daikon radish might be new to you click here for a link to an overview on the daikon radish and a related daikon salad recipe. Considering the chilly weather I thought this NY Times Daikon and Mushroom soup recipe might be of interest.

Enjoy this week's share and make sure you scroll down to check out four amazing recipes that Nikki has sent along.

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