Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Week's Share-Lots of (spicy) Greens

This week's share is full of greens, and spicy ones at that. June is the season for greens, and this year's relatively hot and dry start to the month is giving all the greens a little kick (including the lettuce, sorry about its mild bitterness, I am hoping yesterday's rain will temper the bite a bit). Because both the mustard mix and the arugula have an almost horseradish or wasabi type heat to them, both would be good in roast beef sandwiches, on a burger, pureed for a sauce to put on salmon,...the possibilities are endless. Here is Bon Appetit's recipe for Mustard Green Pesto on Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms.

For the sweeter greens I found this great recipe for a Marmalade of Greens (see picture above) from one of my new favorite food websites Culinate.

Speaking of sweet, the shelling peas have arrived! Although a bit of a chore to deal with, peas are the perfect healthy snack for your kids. Literally like green candy, kids love to crack open the pods and eat the raw peas right away. Next week I will have greater quantities of the snow and snap peas, in the meantime, take advantage of this delicious garden treat. One note, like sweet corn, shelling peas slowly convert the sugars into starch after being picked. Of all your share vegetables, I would eat the peas first to maximize their flavor and sweetness.

Next week share, still lots of greens, although the mustards will be replaced with baby pac choy--the perfect makings for a stir fry.

This Week's Share:
Lettuce Mix (with a bite)
Baby Spinach
Garlic Scapes
Asian Salad Turnips
Herbs--mint, cilantro, and dill

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