Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Paper Market--shop local and do a world of good

I am sure many of you have seen the AT&T commercial with Blake, the chief shoe giver for TOMS shoes. Blake founded a shoe company that gives away a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. A couple of weeks ago Blake made an appearance at Villanova University, and local TOMS retail seller the Paper Market was on hand to soak up the advice and vision.

A message from the latest Paper Market newsletter:

Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, was recently at Villanova University giving an inspiring talk. We had the wonderful opportunity to finally meet the Chief, and hang out for a bit after the talk.

We expressed our gratitude to him for following his heart and starting a shoe company that is changing not only the world, but how we do business in the future. We LIVE OUR MISSION here at The Paper Market ~ an eco boutique, and we rocked the TOMS Shoes brand in 2009 and ultimately became their # 1 Advocate for American retailers.

He thanked us for helping TOMS Shoes help the children in need get a free pair of shoes. We invited him to visit Kennett Square and see our store the next time he was in the area.

Some of the key notes of his talk were the importance of sustainability, and how "giving back" is part of the new business model for social responsibility. He also mentioned how if your business has a higher purpose (helping people & planet) instead of just making a profit, that extraordinary people will want to join your team and help you achieve greatness.

Everything he was saying was resonating with me, because we are doing exactly what he is talking about here in Kennett Square. What an inspiring feeling to know that we are not crazy, and indeed creating a sense of community for each and all.

Cheers to melting the snow, because here comes sunshine.

Doug & Co.

Although Blake and his concept of the one for one shoe is deserving of praise and admiration, the real hero in this story is Doug Harris and his lovely wife Susan (long time CSA members and instrumental in the formation of the Kennett Square Farmers Market)--the force behind the Paper Market. They believe in the power and positive change that independent businesses can bring to a community. Walking into the Paper Market is always a unique and uplifting experience. Doug's good energy is legendary. Community at its best. Ultimately it is the Paper Market who tells the story of TOMS and makes Blake's world vision possible. Local independent business owners of all kinds deserve much praise for what they bring to a community. Its Main Street at its best. Click here to read an article of the importance of buying local, and how with our collective support, these pillars of the community can weather the economic down turn.
In honor of Doug's meeting of the "Chief", the paper market is holding a major sale on their TOMS shoe line. A great deal all the way around.

Buy ONE Get ONE GIVE TWO ! It's True!!

We will give you a free pair of TOMS Shoes for every pair you purchase from us ONE for ONE through March 10, 2010.

In other words, it's a 50% off sale on all of the TOMS Shoes we still have in stock, as we get ready for the spring styles to deliver.

The cool thing is that instead of ONE child in need getting a free matching pair of shoes ~ your purchase will enable TWO children in need to get a free matching pair of shoes. That is a double dipper in a shop your values universe.

So come out to Kennett Square and shop & give... ONE for ONE

*offer expires March 10, 2010

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