Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pastured Meats Sale-Tuesday, Jan. 26th

I have posted on the virtues of pastured meats serval times last year, so I was extremely excited to see the article on grass fed beef that appeared in Time Magazine last week. Along with all kinds of health benefits, eating grass fed beef can actually lower your carbon footprint.

Next Tuesday, January the 26th I will be making available frozen chickens, frozen turkeys, and eggs from Inverbrook, along with angusburger and bully beef from Buck Run Farm. The sale will run from 1-5PM down in the kitchen of the last stone house before you hit the barn (the former home of my grandmother who recently passed away). If you are coming by the farm to pick up your Lancaster Farm Fresh Buying Club order, I will also have the freezer portion of the refrigerator stocked with a few chickens and angusburger--if you would like turkey or bully beef, please e-mail me and I can also leave those items up in the shed for your.

For more information about Dr. Elkins' angus beef products read below:

Dr. Elkins’ Beef is made from Angus cattle that spend their entire lives grazing pastures at Buck Run Farm in East Fallowfield, PA. They are not fed grain and are handled as humanely as possible. We do not use artificialgrowth stimulants (hormones or antibiotics).

Angusburger: from fattened young steers or heifers. We include the muscle cuts that normally are used for steaks and roasts. We grind the beef in order to mix the various cuts and make uniform 1lb packages, but it’s NOT hamburger (a word that often is used for mixtures of cheap cuts and fatty trimmings that may be chemically treated with antiseptics like ammonia and/or spiked with artificial flavors).

Bullyburger: It’s Angusburger made from retired ,older bulls, It’s best used for meat sauces, pizza, chili, Stroganoff and recipes where a strong beef flavor is desired.

Custom BEEF (frozen) : Whole Filets (tenderloin), mixed cut quarters and sides are available only By special order from the farm. Price varies. Please visit and/or call Carolyn 610-384-6576
Our beef is served at these fine restaurants:
The Whip, 1383 N.Chatham rd.(rte 841), Coatesville. PA
Sovana Bistro, 696 n.Unionville rd. (rte 82), Kennett Square, PA
Talula’s Table, 102 w.State St. Kennett Square, PA
The Orchard, 503 Orchard Ave.,Kennett Square, PA

Beef from grass fed animals is a source of poly- unsaturated, long chain fatty acids fats such as omega-3 and conjugated linoleic, which may have health benefits, and which are generally missing from animals finished on grain . We confirmed presence of these good fats in our beef in an independent University lab. Because of the presence of these fats, we do not strive to produce ultra lean beef. Moderate fat content (8-14%) gives a nice juicy burger.

Here’s how our beef is made:
Our herd of Black Angus has grazed our pastures for over 25 years converting grass, that humans can’t eat, into meat that is delicious and nutritious. The energy that drives this comes from the sunlight that enables photosynthesis of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the grass, which the cattle then use to make meat for you. Our cattle are bred and selected to accomplish this task on their grass-based diet without grain. Not all can.

Minerals and decaying organic matter in the soil are taken up by microbes and earthworms that digest and transmit these nutrients to the roots of the pasture grasses. This hard-working subterranean kitchen staff is fed in turn with droppings from the cattle munching above. It’s one big recycling operation. No synthetic fertilizer, no pesticides, no hormones, no antibiotics are needed, so we don’t buy them. The sun and rain are free, and oh yes, most of the labor to harvest the grass is done by the cattle, and they don’t use petroleum for this. But lunch is never free. We do buy extra minerals that the cattle need , and some tiny wasps that feed on embryo flies that pester our cattle in summer, and the tax man. Thanks for your patronage, which helps us manage our pastures and cattle for the benefit of the environment and all of us.

Buck Run Farm 3575 Doe Run Church rd.,E.Fallowfield, PA
Bill and Helen Elkins -610-486-0789
Chris Grover-farm mgr.- 484-354-6943
Carolyn Stoltzfus -beef sales- 610-384-6576
Visitors welcome, but please call ahead

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