Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Mighty Micro Green!

This next month or two represents one of the leanest times of year as far as local produce is concerned. The storage vegetables begin to dwindle, and it is still too early for fresh greens from the field. Enter the mighty microgreen--the perfect saviour for the winter produce doldrums. Full of taste, color and nutrients--these amazing little greens pack a powerful punch--click here to read about their nutrition value.

If you do not have impetus to grow these hard to find tiny greens yourself (or if you do click here to learn how to grow at home or check out this pdf from Johnny's Selected Seeds)--no worries, this is just one of the many wonderful products you can order through the Lancaster Farm Fresh buying club. You too can get your microgreens delivered to the farm every Tuesday-- in fact Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative farmer Sam Fisher has plans to grow microgreens year round.

Microgreens are fantastic on sandwiches, as a garnish on meats and fish, in tuna or salmon salads, and the list goes on. My new favorite winter weather remedy is a salad of microgreens, avocado, and an Inverbrook Farm hard boiled egg. Click here for a microgreen salad recipe Microgreens with Curry Vinaigrette .

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