Friday, October 16, 2009

Soups On--Start with a Fresh Chicken

With this cold and rainy weather, nothing could be better than a nice bowl of homemade soup. Lucky for you all, fresh chickens will be available this weekend--Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-6PM in the distribution shed (feel free to e-mail if you need further instructions). CSA members will be able to pick up chickens next week, but are welcome to stop by this weekend. After roasting your chicken for the first great meal, you can use the left overs as a base for delicious tasting stock, or click here to read author of the Grass Fed Gourmet, Shannon Hayes' essay on getting the most out of one chicken. Really one of my most favorite attributes of our pasture-raised chickens is the incredibly delicious stock they make. Trust me any chicken stock based soup you than make will be a hit. See links below for two great stock recipes.

Sally Fallon's Nourishing Tradition article on broth

Gourmet Magazine's simple chicken broth recipe

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