Monday, September 7, 2009

This Week's Share--More Beans and Basil

Happy Labor Day! It certainly feels like the season has changed, there is definitely a feel of Fall in the air. Labor day is the perfect time to start thinking about freezing, canning, and other methods of preserving some of the items in your share. And perhaps there is no better way to bring a little summer to your winter meal than to add pesto. This week's share includes an abundance of basil just in case you would like to take the time to make some pesto--and one of my favorite cooking blogs has just the advice need for making pesto like an Italian grandmother.

Along with basil, this week's share includes green beans and fresh shelling beans. The fresh shelling beans include baby limas, edamame (this time taken off the stems, I realize how time consuming that process can be), and cannellini beans. Cannellini are the beans typically found in pasta e fagioli--a perfect soup for this time of the year. Enjoy your share.

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