Thursday, September 3, 2009

A plug for Patti Pans

I apologize for not posting about the patti squash a little sooner. Its one of my most popular products at the kennett market, so I just assume everyone is familiar with the delicious sweet and slightly nutty taste of this odd shaped little summer squash. It actually took a recent recipe posting in one of my favorite blogs Chocolate and Zucchini to remind me to post about the patti pan. Perhaps you could substitute the cranberry beans for the chickpeas in the recipe featured--just a thought. Otherwise treat patti pans just like you would any other summer squash. The beautiful bright yellow skin is edible as long as the squash still have a slightly shiny appearance--otherwise you might want to peel. One note, patti pans do not store as well as other squash, so eat them up quick. Enjoy!

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