Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Week's Share--June 1st and 3rd

To all CSA members sorry this is so late. I had a really MONDAY monday. I woke up early in the morning only to discover that my website/e-mail service had totally "revamped" with all kinds of new protocols and services I then had to orient myself to--delaying the morning office work. Then roofers showed up to fix my uncles roof--right next to the distribution shed. I apologize to all who had to endure the not so peaceful yelling or air gun noises. Oh well--your reward was strawberries (next week wednesday's pick up will get strawberries). Anyway--this week's share includes:

Basil Plants--choose from bush (good for pots), thai (nice cut flower even if you don't like the taste), and red (nice addition to salads, mild taste and beautiful color).

Cherry Tomato Plants--choose from the very sweet red Super Sweet 100s or the super flavor packed orange gem Sungold.

Lettuce Mix


A hot/sweet/spicy mix of Asian Greens good for adding to a stir fry

Pink and Purple Radishes

You might be wondering why I am offering up plants. I realize that some times you might not have time to pick herbs and cherry tomatoes here at the farm--it might make more sense to have the plants in your own back yard. Besides, back yard gardening is the new hot trend. So if you don't have a backyard and cannot use the plants maybe you have a friend or neighbor who would appreciate them.

Next week will feature garlic scapes and I think peas. I will keep you posted--this time in a more timely manner.

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