Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Introducing Bartram

Bartram joined the farm in August and already he seems to be right at home. Named for John Bartram, the 18th century Quaker botanist, Bartram the dog seems to also be a lover of plants and all things green and can often be found eating any green beans that fall on the floor of the distribution shed. When not doing that he spends a lot of his time following Claire around. We hope to expand his responsibilities to include pest control, but he seems to be too kind a soul for any serious management of vermin. We'll leave that to Nina the cat (who, oddly enough, is not a fan of Bartram's).

1 comment:

jessica mae said...

i am so happy my favorite farm has joined the blogospere! please please please post more pics of bartram, i think i am already in love!