Monday, January 28, 2013

A Fresh New Start-A Simple Path to Logical Living

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With the first month of the New Year coming to a close, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a number of interesting links about starting fresh as it pertains to cooking, diet and the importance of the food you eat.  From detoxing your body to decluttering your kitchen; my recent news feed roaming has unearthed a wealth of useful advice.  A pathway to health, happiness and sustainability through simple lifestyle changes.  I hope these links will inspire positive action.  There are still a few days left to sign up for the 2013 CSA season and receive a $50 early bird discount (if you sign up before the end of the month).  To quote Oprah Winfrey “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”


Great series from Food52
Whipping your Kitchen Back to Shape Part 2 (includes knife sharpening, proper cleaning of an iron skillet and a few more useful videos and tutorials)
In my blog wanderings I came across Healthy Green Kitchen and a series on simple steps one can take to improve one's life called "One Simple Change". I like this concept of little steps that can add up to make a big difference.  The most recent issue of Fine Cooking Magazine included an article on the addition of vegetable purees to favorites like macaroni and cheese, breads, etc.. This simple step can greatly reduce the calorie count and increase the nutritional value of these dishes without compromising the taste.  Good health can be delicious.
If you are reading the farm blog, you probably already have made some sort of commitment toward increasing your consumption of local food, and you should feel great about the change.  The pledge to “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” can have a big impact, you can read all about it here on the FoodRoutes Website.
Speaking of making a positive impact, a veteran Inverbrook Farm CSA member has started a new web-based project Logical Living.  You can go to this site and complete a free online lifestyle assessment by answering a simple set of questions about your lifestyle habits.  Based on your answers, Logical Living will make recommendations related to small steps that you can make to “green” your life. Click here to read a recent article about being a member of Inverbrook Farm CSA.
Enjoy the links and the fresh start. 

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