Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Yoga Retreat at the Farm

This Fall the very talented and spirited yoga instructor Julia Horn held a retreat at the farm--
click here to read a follow up posting  I am pleased to announce that Julia will be returning to the farm on January 28th to conduct a Winter focused yoga retreat; and this time she is opening up the retreat to the local community.  If you are interested read her letter below that includes details for signing up for this afternoon retreat. 

Happy winter, all.
What a time. I luv this season because I luv every last excuse to cuddle in and well, do just that, cuddle. Into myself, into a book, you name it. Winter is such a beautiful season for bringing that much needed balance to our hectic and busy lives. One of the best ways to truly learn this turning inward is to look to the stunning examples that surround us in the natural world- everything gathering inward so that rebirth and the explosive expansion of life might be possible. And just as nature makes herself sparse and simple in these moments, we too, can relinquish our outward sprawling expressions and instead look inward- towards our little wise bits that lay quietly inside.

I would love to invite you all to another season at Inverbrook farm- next saturday, January 28th. Our harvest retreat was such a wonderful day, that we decided it would be so great, not to mention wise, to learn at every season, the way of the land. And also as it relates to the growth of the food that we eat. Connecting to a wider consciousness of our land and nourishment are some of the most upliftingly grounded practices I know.

Join me for a day of bundling up, romping around the farm to offer aid wherever we can, to be inspired by the dirt, the country air, the trees, the critters and to turn in, for a winter practice. In front of an open fire, we will practice yoga together and stoke our own internal fire, deep in the bones where we may be in need of a little warming. We will then settle into a softer practice of yin and restorative as winter warrants, to gaze into the embers of the heart and bring to consciousness the wisdom that is there, through deep quiet soft silken listening.

Following the practice we will cook together a wintry feast of locally sourced organic foods and enjoy the company of each other (maybe even throw in a round of my all-time fave- charades- yiperz!).

Transportation provided.
Investment- $35-55 sliding scale.
Leaving west philly at noon (Jan 28th) and returning after dindin.
Please feel free to forward on and invite your favorite cuddle buddies!
Email or call to reserve-
And if i don't see you on the farm, may you be surrounded in warmth and luv,

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