Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Day Reflections

Today I spent most of the day running little errands in preparation for the first farmers market of the season. I do NOT enjoy trips to big box stores like Lowes, Staples, the Acme--however the cold and rainy weather seemed to be ushering me toward these necessary visits to strip malls, artificial lighting and aisles and aisles of plastic. Driving along as the rain came down, I was reminded of a recent online discovery--a new song by farm supporters and local favorites Hoots and Hellmouth. As singer songwriter Sean Hoots shares on the bands newest website addition The Window in the Woodshed-- Returning in Pieces (the new song and partial inspiration for this post) was also inspired by rain:
This came to me on the highway. Rain fell like barbed stingers, as the wipers, swishing full bore, tried frantically to keep the windshield unobstucted. They were failing. And from the sounds of it, we were under attack.

Made me wonder how the soil was faring, if this glass was barely holding things together. The feeling of being shot-through, aerated, allowing fresh channels for regeneration. Soil, heart, soul…

From there the brainworm squiggled its way on over to the concept of eternal recurrence. Everything comes back around? Maybe not that simple. Maybe not that complicated.

Funny how the synapses snap sometimes.

Ever feel like your bold step forward is really just a fulfillment of potential ever present?

Ever feel redundant for realizing that?


After my errands were completed I returned to the warmth of my greenhouse, made all the more cosy by the friendly conversation of my wonderful farm crew Katherine and David busily planting melons and summer squash (and the sleeping farm cat, which inspired David to take the picture seen above). Immediately I was thankful for the rain, imagining what life it was bringing to soil and my vegetables growing outside. Enjoy the rain, the picture and the song.


Critics at Large said...

Perfect! What wonderful inspiration!

Nikki said...

What wonderful inspiration!

Whitney J. Marsden said...

So lovely, Claire.