Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Signs of Spring--March Ag Month

March has been designated Chester County Ag Month, which, when we started promoting a couple of weeks ago seemed almost laughable, imagine celebrating Spring and farming with feet of snow on the ground. Well what a difference a weekend makes!!!! The last couple of days have been so beautiful.

The month is filled with great events for both farmers and consumers. This weekend marks the delicious and entertaining Mugs and Music (see previous post), make sure you get your tickets asap, space is limited.

To get you in the mood for spring, I leave you with some (always heartwarming) baby animal pictures. The foals are from the horse operation on our farm and the lambs are from Highland Farm (whose cheese is available through our farm, at the Kennett Square Farmers Market, and at this weekend's Mugs and Music event). Happy almost spring!


hailey said...

i love yall! missin you all tons, wishin i was getting ready to go to work at inverbrook today!
love and blessings

Inverbrook Farm said...

Hailey we miss you tons too! I hope you will come visit soon--I can picture little Satori running around at the farm.